CAN FD Controller Model for QEMU Emulator

Implement CAN FD controller, and bus emulation for QEMU. Base emulate device on open-source CTU CAN FD core model. Tasks of the project:

1) Study the implementation of CAN bus emulation for QEMU and CTU CAN FD IP core target CPU interface

2) Extend pyXact_generator to convert IPXACT register file to QEMU QOM C object description

3) Update QEMU CAN support to allows an exchange of CAN FD frames

4) Implement model of CTU CAN FD IP core for QEMU

5) Document the work and offer it as patch series to QEMU project


1) QEMU CAN bus emulation support;a=blob;f=docs/can.txt

2) CTU CAN FD Core Component Documentation