R&D cooperation offer for industry

Our department is focused on long-term cooperation with industrial partners in primary and applied research. We also participate in the development and prototyping of industrial solutions. In the past, our services were used by a number of companies including the big players in the field of automation and control engineering:

  • Students projects, Bachelor and Master theses custom made for partners (Ricardo, Sidat, Unicontrols, Porsche)
  • Doctoral topic close to the industrial problems (Honeywell, Porsche)
  • Joint R&D
  • Projects financed by the Czech public sources: GAČR, TAČR, MIT. (UNIS, Honeywell, Center for Applied Cybernetics)
  • International scientific-research projects financed by the European Union FP6, FP7
  • Contracts (CEPS, AZD, Unicontrols, EPCE, SIDAT)
  • Courses and training "tailored" for companies in the areas of:
    • specialized technologies (VxWorks, CAN, Profibus, IPv6, Networking)
    • general methods and procedures (advanced management methods)
  • Expert opinion and review
  • Partnerships and sponsorship (Robosoutěž, FCC Public, Amper, Electron)
Responsible person: