Administrative Group

Administrative staff and department operations.

Kamila Krupková

  • Secretary of the Department,
  • personnel agenda of employees, FTE and FTE contracts,
  • management of pedagogical agenda,
  • operations and events of the department,
  • bachelor's degree assignments, bachelor's degree defences,
  • thesis, diploma thesis, dissertation assignment, dissertation defence.

Michaela Veselá

  • foreign travel agenda,
  • agenda and project management

Svatava Petrachová

  • Research assistant,
  • staff personnel agenda, FTE and FTE contracts,
  • project submission, economic agreements,
  • doctoral studies, ORO administration,
  • V3S database, EZOP,
  • foreign guests,
  • scholarships,
  • department library.

Lenka Jelínková

  • project and grant management,
  • orders.
Head of Group: 

Ing. Petr Haba

Praha, Resslova 9, E-22