AMG Labs

Deposition chamber AJA Orion 4 (AJA International, United States)

PVD HV sputtering system – d.c. and r.f. regime
4 magnetrons – 3x d.c. + 1x r.f.
Max. power of 750 W / cathode
3 flow-meters for gases inlet
Sample holder: Ø 100 mm
Temperature up to 600 °C
bias voltage up to 50 V
Working dist. cca 100 mm
Motorized z motion
PC controlled system

High-temperature Tribometer (CSM Instruments, Switzerland)

Rotational pin/ball-on-disc geometry

Temperature up to 600 °C
Engine frequency up to 600 rpm
Maximum sample dimension: diameter 55 mm, height 15 mm
Maximum friction force 15 N
Counter-parts: bearing balls, steel, ceramics, plastic, etc.
lubricants: oil, greases

Vacuum Tribometer (Advanced Materials Group, Czech Republic)

Rotational pin/ball-on-disc geometry
Engine frequency up to 600 rpm
Maximum sample size:  Ø 55 mm max.
Maximum friction force: 15 N
Counter-parts: bearing balls, steel, ceramics, plastic, etc
Pressure range: 10-5 Pa - 105 Pa
Working atmoshepre: Argon, Nitrogen, dry gas, etc.

Tribometer for real-time wear-track observation (Advanced Material Group, Czech Republic)

Custom built system based on Zygo NV 7200 optical profilometer.

Reciprocating and unidirectional sliding.
Sliding frequency up to 5 Hz
Stroke up to 20 mm
Maximum sample size: Ø 55 mm
Maximum friction force force: 15 N
Counter-parts:bearing balls steel, ceramics, plastic, etc.
lubricants – oils, greases

3D White light optical profilometer, Zygo NV7200 (Zygo, United Sates)

Magnification: 5x – 100x
Field of view: 0.03 – 1.4 mm + stitching
Vertical scan: 150 μm (extended scan up to 20 mm)
Measurement array: 640x480 px
Motorized xyz stage
Vertical res. ~ 1 nm
Lateral res. ~ 350 nm (objective dependent)

Raman spectrometer, Horiba Xplora (France)

Optical microscope + Raman
532 nm laser excitation
lateral res. ~ 1 μm
objectives 10x, 50x, 100x
1024x256 TE air-cooled CCD
spectral range 100 – 3500 cm-1
SWIFT fast confocal Raman imaging

Ball cratering test

Ball cratering tests (CSM Instruments) is used to measure coating thickness of thin films and their abrasion resistance.




Different imaging and characterization techniques are available to the members of the group at CEITEC nano facility in Brno (Czech Republic).