Siemens Embedded Academy finished

First run of Siemens Embedded Academy has finished.

Students, who participated at Siemens Embedded Academy, presented and defended successfully their projects today in Siemens headquarters in Prague. The best of them will be awarded Siemens Embedded Academy Certificate. More details can be found in this report.

Siemens Embedded Academy (SEA) is a module within course called "Team work and its organisation". The module was prepared and organized by Siemens Corporate Technologies and students had the opportunity to do embedded development under circumstances that resemble in many details the ones, which are present in real-life industry projects in Siemens. The Siemens Product Lifecycle Management methodology was used to manage the project as well as to create and process the related documentation. Besides of the experience offered by the lecturers the students appreciated the standardised way of creating the documentation as a means to keep track of the project, uprising changes, test cases and their execution, etc. More details about the SEA module are available at its web site.