PID control of MIMO systems

Despite the progress in development of advanced control methods PID controllers remain explicitly the most used controllers for technological processes at the lowest level especially due to their simple realization and ability to achieve satisfactory behaviour for stable nonoscillatory or overdamped systems with small transport delay. Even though the structure is simple their tuning is a complicated procedure even for SISO systems. Unfortunately, the existing tuning algorithms for MIMO systems, even if with great application potential, do not consider robustness or disturbance attenuation or even do not guarantee stability.


The research topic include:

design of decentralized PID controllers guaranteeing closed-loop performance, design involving decoupling with respect to robustness and disturbance attenuation and development of adaptive algorithms based on closed-loop identification. The candidates should have a solid background in control systems theory. 


Papers in the Journal of Process Control or Control Engineering Practice.



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